OUTDOOR COATING – Textile and leather

Field of application:

NANOREPEL™ for textile and leather is a user-friendly, ready-to-use formulation for coating textiles and leather such as e.g. jackets, coats, outdoor clothing, sport shoes, hiking boots, inner lining of ski boots, tents, tarpaulins, etc.
The consumption is approx. 100-200 ml/m².


  • Hydrophobic
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Anti-smell-effect
  • Breathable


Textile and leather surfaces must be clean. If there would be any residues of cleaning agents those must be removed without residues using clear water.

NANOREPEL™ for textile and leather 2-3 times in succession wet-on-wet onto the clean surface at a distance of 15 cm. In case of ponding please spread the excess liquid with a clean cloth. The complete function is achieved after 12 hours.

In order to achieve a long-lasting effect, the textiles need to be cleaned. Test the textiles regarding colourfastness at an inconspicuous area.
If the desired effect reduces, just clean the surface as described and subsequently re-coat the respective area.

Please note: Not to be applied in direct sunlight and rain.
Use opened bottles within 6 months.