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Open the customer’s world

The products for intelligent surface coating of NANOREPEL™ are based on ultra-thin layers. Those layers, achieved by the innovative sol-gel process, are absolutely free of nano-particles. From the chemical point of view, those are pure quartz glass. Beside the positive features of glass, such as temperature resistance or resistance towards acids and alkaline solutions, the layers are additionally characterised by high flexibility and elasticity as well as by outstanding cleanability due to an anti-adhesive effect.

Speaking of effect – the mode of action is very simple.

Being applied after initial cleaning, the coating stabilises within a few minutes.

The consumer benefits of enormous advantages by using the NANOREPEL™ products: safe protection of all coated surfaces against dirt.

NANOREPEL™ – as versatile as our environment.

Gained from the nature

“Nature hides her secret because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse” so the genius words from Albert Einstein.

And indeed: the components our world is made of, the atoms and molecules, still present many secrets. Lifting such secrets and harness them for mankind – in harmony with nature – that is our task.

Intelligent and effective

Similar to a travel to tiny little worlds, hiding enormous potentials, the nanotechnology is considered as the ultimate technology of the future: revolutionary in its versatility and limitless in its application possibilities.

In our laboratories, our specialists develop and produce innovative products which mode of action and functionality are to be described as “revolutionary” as well:

  • Hydrophobic: creates water-repellent surfaces.
  • Easy and quick cleaning: without aggressive cleaners
  • Breathable
  • Time saving: by easy and quick cleaning.
All products are available for wholesales as a white label!