Field of application:

NANOREPEL™ for glass is a user-friendly, ready-to-use formulation for coating glass.
The consumption is approx. 5-10 ml/m² depending on the application method.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Reduces the adhesion of dirt and insects
  • Car wash resistant
  • Easy care


Clean the glass surface using a mild standard soap cleaner thoroughly. In case of any persistent contamination and waxes present on the surface, we recommend to use a standard glass polish (silicon-free).
Remove the cleaner from the surface using clear water and prepare the surface for the coating using an alcohol-based cleaner (tensid-free). Also clean the wipers thoroughly using the alcohol-based cleaner (tensid-free) before coating. *1

Spray NANOREPEL™ for glass onto the clean surface being free of fat and polish with a clean cloth. Thus, the surface receives a soil-repellent protection.

If the desired effect reduces, just clean the surface as described and subsequently re-coat the respective area.

Please note: Not to be applied in direct sunlight and rain.

Use opened bottles within 6 months.

*1 car glass: dirt and oil residues can cause a reduction in the repelling effect. Therefore, please clean the windshield and the wipers regularly with NANOREPEL™ Topclean to remove dirt and oil.