CLEANER – Uniclean

Field of application:

For cleaning of lacquered, glass, ceramic and textile surfaces.


NANOREPEL™ Uniclean removes grease, oil, waxes, etc. thoroughly and free of residues.


1. For the pre-cleaning of lacquered surfaces, glass and ceramic:
Simply spray NANOREPEL™ Uniclean onto the surface to be cleaned, leave it for a moment and
subsequently remove with a moist cloth or sponge. After cleaning with NANOREPEL™ Uniclean, the
surface has to be neutralised with clear water to remove any surfactant residues.

2. For cleaning of protected surfaces:
Spray NANOREPEL™ Uniclean onto the protected surface, leave it for a moment and remove the
contamination with a moist cloth. Neutralise the protected surface with clear water so that this is free
of surfactants. If necessary, repeat this process.

Note: Test regarding colourfastness at an inconspicuous area.