HOME COATING – Glass and Ceramic

Field of application:

Nanorepel™ for glass and ceramic is a user-friendly, ready-to-use formulation for coating glass or ceramic surfaces such as windows, mirrors, winter gardens, glass porches, glass tables, shower screens, wash basins, toilets, tiles, etc. The consumption is approx. 5-10 ml/m² depending on the application method.


  • Hydrophobic
  • Soil-repellent
  • Reduction of cleaning agents


Clean the glass/ceramic surface using a mild standard soap cleaner thoroughly. In case of any persistent lime scale residues on the surface, we recommend to use a standard glass polish (silicon-free). Remove the cleaner from the surface using clear water and prepare the surface for the coating using an alcohol-based cleaner (tensid-free).

Spray NANOREPEL™ for glass and ceramic onto the clean surface being free of fat and polish with a clean cloth. NANOREPEL™ is a ready-to-use product for maintaining glass and ceramic surfaces in the household. Streaks or stains from water, fingerprints and dirt can be removed easily and quickly.
If the desired effect reduces, just clean the surface as described and subsequently re-coat the respective area.

Please note: Not to be applied in direct sunlight and rain.
Use opened bottles within 6 months.